What To Know Before Buying Your Home In México?

What To Know Before Buying Your Home In México?

  • Live Real Estate
  • 02/15/21

Can you legally buy property in the country?

In the interior of Mexico foreigners can own property fee simple (in their own names). In the coastal areas of México, properties that are located within 50 km (30 miles) of the coastline and/or or 100 km from the border. Must be purchased through a Mexican land trust or fideicomiso. México amended their constitution in 1994 allowing foreigners to purchase and own real estate on the restricted zone through a land trust (fideicomiso).

How will you finance your property purchase?

Most of Mexico coastline property will be cash deals, Zozaya Architects will finance through the construction of your property. We will align your payment plan to a construction program of your property.

Will you be able to rent the property to vacationers? 

Yes you can rent out your property, we offer two different packages of property management. Great option in this area to make some extra cash out of your beach property and of course offset all of your expenses on your condo.

How will maintenance or repairs be managed? 

We have a full administration and maintenance personnel working at our properties every day. We will be here to take care of any issues that may come up or also we can assist as a concierge office and give you some of our best recommendations.
Working hours from monday to saturday 8am to 5pm.
Daily from 5pm to 8am night guard.

English speaking experts.

We have a team of English speaking experts in the area, working in the real estate industry in Zihuatanejo area and surroundings, something very important to count with if you are looking to invest in a beach town in mexico, you will need to make sure land and title are clear and this will be thru your realtor expert so it is key to be able to communicate with them.  

Closing and title transfer.

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo
2,000 USD + 5% of the price of the property.

What´s covered in closing costs?

  • The determination that there are no outstanding liens on the property.

  • Preparation of the deed.

  • Deed filing fees.

  • City, state, and federal taxes.

  • Notario´s fees.

  • SRE form – permission for a foreigner to own land in México.

  • Setup of the fideicomiso and bank fees.

*prices given may vary depending on the notary and/or bank to use.

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