Riding the Waves of Compassion: Surfers for Strays

Riding the Waves of Compassion: Surfers for Strays

  • Ana Paula Gomez
  • 11/9/23

In the stunning coastal regions of Troncones, La Saladita, and Zihuatanejo in Guerrero, Mexico, a compassionate team of volunteers is making a remarkable difference in the lives of stray animals. Surfers for Strays, a nonprofit organization, is devoted to implementing spay and neuter programs and fostering awareness for the humane treatment of neglected animals through education, rehabilitation, and adoption initiatives. In Live Real Estate we are happy to be part and become a sponsor for this incredible cause, showing their commitment to improving the lives of these animals.

Their Story

Founded in 2017 by Natalie Ritenour and Isabel Velasco, their heartfelt journey began with the rescue of seven vulnerable puppies and their malnourished mother. Supported by their local community, their efforts swiftly expanded, leading to the official establishment of Surfers for Strays, complete with a plan adoption support, youth education, and vital spay and neuter services for underserved communities. They rallied the local community's support and began helping spread awareness in villages like Troncones, Los Llanos, La Saladita, and beyond.

As they continue their impactful work, we are grateful that their rescue center in Zihuatanejo are within reach, allowing us to witness firsthand the profound impact they're making on the lives of these precious puppies. Their dedication serves as an inspiring reminder of the kindness and compassion that truly defines our shared humanity.

If you're inspired by their story and mission, be sure to check out their website, donate, or even volunteer your time. Join us in supporting Surfers for Strays in their mission. We are proud to stand alongside as a sponsor for this incredible cause, knowing that together we can make the world a better place for our four-legged friends, one paw at a time.

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Surfers for Strays, you're making a splash in the world of animal welfare, and we're grateful for your amazing work. Keep riding those waves of compassion! 

Riding the Waves of Compassion: Surfers for Strays
Riding the Waves of Compassion: Surfers for Strays

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