Villa vs House

Villa vs House

  • Live Real Estate
  • 04/12/21

Ah choices!!!!!! 

Nothing is quite as delightful as having the option to choose. In this particular case, both choices are appealing in their own rite. Both have excellent amenities as well as various different, yet unique advantages. This is a decision that has to be made according to not only by the personal needs of the buyer, but also in order to reflect one’s personality and desires. You want your environment to be a reflection of yourself, and vice versa. 

Buying a Condo means sharing spaces with other people with the same communal rights as you.  Therefore, there are written, and unwritten rules to abaide by, policies to follow, schedules to adhere to, and a number of other things you’ll have to take into account. Buying a house means making many rather large decisions by yourself, if you live alone, or with your significant other.

Buying a condo means, sharing the expenses of the community areas with everybody else who owns property in the building, and that makes it a less expensive option.  Condos tend to be smaller than a single family home, but what they lack in size, they make up for in shared property, which allows for more space to enjoy walks, perhaps a tennis court and often, many more perks, like a Gym, a Party room, etc.

The only responsibility the Condo owner has is keeping the interior of the condo up to date, from the door out. Condominium owners do not have to mow the lawn, paint the fence, trim the bushes or sweep the sidewalk. Those responsibilities go to the Home Owners Association, which usually includes things like landscaping and general building maintenance. Of course, there is a fee for maintenance and that can potentially be costly, depending on the quality and experience of the landscape company/individual, and is something important to be considered as well.

Having a House also has its advantages. You are King of your castle. That means no rules, policies or schedules to be followed. It means having some land to build a swimming pool, plant a small orchard, or build a deck to watch the sunset. You can landscape and decorate the exterior which ever way you see fit, and it is all yours to do so.  

Owning land means room to grow. It means room to do practically anything and everything. The greatest thing is that once you own your own property, you have room to change. Houses accommodate these common life changes much better than condos do. 

When you buy a house, all expenses are to be paid by the house owner. Your expenses cannot be split the way you would split the bill with the neighbors in a condo, and that is definitely something to consider as well.

There is still a third housing option to consider; Renting an apartment. Find your dream spot, sign a lease and simply move in.  Let others hustle around to handle maintenance. The responsibility of owning no longer falls on you, and this grants you plenty of free time to do with as you please.

The Key question that will bring you to a wise decision that suits your needs is TIME. How much time will you spend in this new property. If you are looking at selling your house in the USA and make this property your primary residence, then by all means it makes sense buying a house. You will be there all year round.

But if your idea is to buy a secondary residence, then a Condo is your best option, it is much easier and less expensive to just lock your door and let the Home Association of the Development take care of it all.

Whichever one of the options fulfills your needs, we have you covered. We can build the house of your dreams, sell you a condo, or rent you an apartment. We will be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth, delightful experience. Whatever you choose is entirely up to you, and we’re grateful to be part of your choice. The common denominator will be living in a home made by us; Green in every aspect, and spectacular in every way possible.

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