Natural Holistic Housekeeping And Restoring Your Home By The Coast

Natural Holistic Housekeeping And Restoring Your Home By The Coast

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  • 01/4/21

Most cleaning products available today are filled with chemicals, and everything that we pour, spray or brush affects not only our environment, but also our bodies. You do smell what you spray, pour or brush with. It enters through your pores as well. I can think of many times I’ve been cleaning my house with something caustic, and it made me think “There’s got to be a better way than this.”  So, let’s make a meaningful change in our cleaning routines, since we already moved away from the industrialized world and came back to the basics of nature.

WHITE VINEGAR. Your mirrors, glass tables, windows and glasses will sparkle if you add half a cup of vinegar to the detergent you normally use for washing dishes or cleaning glass tables or items. But did you know that if you add white vinegar to your mop water, it will keep ants away as well? Sign me up. Did you know that if you pour half-a-teaspoon of vinegar into your pet’s water, not only will their luxurious coat shine like never before, but you will also keep ticks at bay from them.

Half a cup of white vinegar in your rinsing cycle will add delightful freshness.

BAKING SODA.  Baking soda mixed with white vinegar is one of the most powerful natural cleaners and added it to your rinsing cycle will add extra freshness to your clothes. Baking soda in the bathrooms will absorb odors and clean the air of its dampness. I keep a box right under my sink, and it’s fabulous! Every night after you’ve used the kitchen sink for the last time, pour a mix of hot water, one spoon baking soda and one spoon white vinegar down the drain. That will kill all the larvae and eggs that sneaky cockroaches might have placed, and it will kill all the undesirable bacteria that may be lurking in the depths of your drain, and even prevent fungus as well!

COCONUT OIL. Not only is Coconut Oil fantastic for cooking, or smoothing your hair and skin, but it is the perfect furniture restorer. All your wood furniture must first be placed indoors. Then dusted. Once these surfaces are cleaned thoroughly, apply coconut oil with a clean cloth, evenly, covering all the surfaces. Apply heat with a hair dryer so the wood pores open and the oil penetrates. Let stand 24 hours, then clean again.

RICE. Add some rice grains to your salt, that will prevent dampness.

LIMES. When using limes, keep the peels in the sink all night, which will add freshness to your kitchen.

Let’s reverse the damage we’ve done with chemicals. Let’s go back to the origins

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