Lessons From Nature

Lessons From Nature

  • Live Real Estate
  • 01/28/21

The past few weeks have been life-changing. Our world suddenly asked for a pause and we, as the humans who inhabit this earth, had to step out of our comfort zones, put aside our routines, and pause. We do not know what to expect from the months ahead, but we do know how to adapt, how to evolve, and how to grow. We are all being asked to reevaluate our day to day lives, and that is exactly what we at ZAR are prepared to do.

Our firm’s philosophy is to innovate the way we inhabit in nature. When we start a new project we first need to spend time learning about the ecosystem of an existing site before integrating its elements into a unique design. Today we feel the world is asking us for the same thing from a different perspective and we will continue to implement this philosophy as we adapt to a new way of life. As the world has shown us before and is reminding once again: when you integrate nature and design, you can create magic.

We’ve always drawn inspiration from the abundance of natural beauty right here on the Pacific coast of Mexico. We’re already seeing the nature around us react to this global pause. Our streets are cleaner, the beaches are healthier, and the animals are out exploring. This town and its incredible people continue to inspire us and remind us why we call ZIHUATANEJO our headquarters and our home.

In the 30+ years, that we’ve been a part of this community, our design team, local builders and master artisans have become a part of the Zozaya family. We are committed to protecting their jobs during this time to ensure stability for them and their families.

At ZAR, we will continue to innovate the way we inhabit in nature by creating opportunities in the community, and working together as we evolve.

Today we operate differently:     

  • We’ve set up strict hygiene protocols and hand washing stations.

  • Enforced social distancing on construction sites.

  • Home office work stations.

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