Why Real Estate is the best investment

Why Real Estate is the best investment

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  • 09/11/22

There are three things that matter in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

This expression coined by the late Lord Harold Samuel, a successful real estate investor in Britain summarizes what real estate is all about.

And by location it means not only the strategic location for a business building within the city or a residential area nestled in a wooded area per se. It also means anywhere in the world. Climate, abundance of resources are the ideal places to be. But location changes with the time. In The last two years under global pandemic restrictions people who live in a coastal area had less hard time than people locked in big cities where restrictions were enforced with fines and jail.

So What is the Value of Real Estate? Investing in Real Estate is by far one of the safest and wisest investments you can go for. It is also the fastest way to build wealth. And purchase prices are way lower when you invest in a community that is just starting, that is before everybody else discovers its location, location, location and the prices go skyrocketing.

- It offers tax breaks

- Equity building

- Cash flow

- Adjusted returns

- A hammock against inflation.

In times of uncertainty like now, investing in real estate is the wisest move. No matter if the market gets low, it always bounces back. Your money is safe, among all investments, real estate offers a competitive risk. Your land will be there, no matter how many recessions go by, it will remain there. Your construction will be there, and if you own a property that can work for you then you are set. Anything that can be rented, empty or built on, is a property that can work for you. If you buy a piece of land on a highway, you can rent it to a big automobile industry. For example, they would have to buy small offices because basically they need showroom space. You could build or assemble industrial storage naves. If you dream of having a place by the beach; vacation rent it. This way you have the availability to use it sometimes and still get money out of it.

Investing on a property that works for you is the smartest investment EVER.

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