Utopia? It’s Possible

Utopia? It’s Possible

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  • 06/15/22

Utopia? It’s possible more and more people around the world are seriously doing something other than complaining about their government, taxes, mandates, services, and society in general.

They are called Cooperative Living, Intentional communities, and co-housing, and everybody is trying to avoid the term “Commune” because nobody wants to be associated with the famous summer of love commune.

But What Is This Movement About?

The definitions of commune, intentional community, cooperative living, or co-housing consist of a group of people creating a community designed and planned with a common goal, ideal or interest, collective values, and social ideals, often involving resources and responsibilities. In a nutshell; Starting a new Society.

Some of these communities are developed from scratch with everyone sharing their resources in this one place. Once settled down and organized some of these communities work together in a business within their community to sell their goods outside. Like crafts or organic food made from the orchard they started with the community, the goal being to work together, help each other, and profit together, although everybody gets to keep their own goods, they still share everything with each other, for the common good of the community. As one big happy family.

This of course had our imagination going because we are indeed in a privileged position of doing exactly something like this.

A society where we all care for each other with the same love and attention we care for the earth. In a society where we are all brothers, and from the surrounding communities, we are still brothers, interconnected, looking for each other, sharing resources, knowledge, and tips, and working shoulder to shoulder for the overall wellness and happiness as a collective village. A society where we all share a vision and we share our gifts in building, planting, organizing, healing, and teaching in a collaborative effort where we all apply what we know to the common good.

Some call this movement a revolution and if stepping out of madness, fake freedom, and taking control of our decisions is a revolution; well it is then. If reconnecting with your spiritual home to reconnect again with simplicity and love, with going back to basics and learning how to fish, how to grow is a revolutionary act, well so be it. If remembering that we are here to serve not to be served, and to seek fulfillment and happiness through love and goodwill, well it is welcome.

We are working on this, and we welcome you aboard because if we are not useful to the world now, the world will have no use for us in the future in the near future.

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