The Majahua Cave

The Majahua Cave

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  • 06/22/21

Living by the ocean is great. Living with the ocean in your front yard and the Sierra Madre on your back yard is privileged.

The Sierra Madre of the South is an irregular chain located in the south of Mexico and its extension goes along 1200 kilometers from the state of Jalisco, Tehuantepec, the west of Oaxaca and crosses the state of Guerrero. So I wasn’t really surprised to find out there were many caves, some explored, some unexplored and some yet to be discovered.

Upon finding out about caves in the area I just had to speak with somebody who could tell me everything about them. So like many magical enconunters in life, I ran into a tourist guide who happens to be the only one that not only speaks about these caves but has make it one of his life priorities to find them all, explore them and organize excursiones to them.

Filiberto from Zanca Adventures is a young man who graduated with a degree in tourism. He is certified in scuba diving, hicking, trailing, rappel, and knows everything about whale sighting. But his real passion lies in cave exploring. He talks about how Zihuatanejo was a prehispanic fisherman’s village who also had several ceremonial spots, most of them in caves, which were and are considered not only sacred precints but the door to the infraworld. Rituals were performed inside them and offerings where thrown to the interior of these caves as well. Dozens of prehispanic figures have been retrieved from many of these caves, and there are plenty of petroglyph drawings inside of them.

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There’s the Majahua Cave, which is 70 mts. Deep and 20 mts. High, you can get there by car, which is about ten minutes from Ixtapa, and then trailing the mountain for about ten minutes and you arrive to the cave. Majahua cave is full with stalactites and stalamites.

Tiger Cave is 120 mts. Over sea level, it is 50 Mts. deep and 20 Mts. high. Cueva del trebol is one that needs special tools and equipment to visit, like harness, rope, and descend must be by rappel. A very interesting fact is that most caves have a man made entrance in the likings of jaguars, since jaguars were considered guardians of the infraworld.

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There are also plenty of caverns to go scuba diving to; La Bufadora, Torrecillas and Morros de Potosi are some of them.

Who would have known that Zihuatanejo and the surrounding areas was an Adventure Site for all to enjoy? Filiberto says he searches continuosly for each and every cave that the locals talk about and will continue to look for them. One can only thank him for his passion and wish him luck in finding them all.

Contact / Filiberto Zanca Adventures / (+52) 755 102 7447

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