Tell your story, art spaces

Tell your story, art spaces

  • Live Real Estate
  • 07/11/22

Some people say that buying art is a thrill. Others say it is an investment. Whichever your reason, when we buy art we are really telling a story, our story. Whether a painting, a sculpture, a picture, a tapestry or any other form of art, we buy what we identify with. We connect with what we wish we were, we hope to be, or maybe what we couldn’t be but we wish still.

ZAHA 4_ZAR-8 (1).JPG

So it is only logical that the way we display our art should also tell a story. A story of you and who you are. It becomes center stage and the main wall in your home should be a loud statement of who you are. Powerful, romantic, ideological, hopeful…it’s all in your choice and taste for art.



When speaking about a painting, the wall’s background will depend on where you live. A Wharhol painting would look great in a red wall in New York. That’s a bold statement. But when you live by the coast, soft nature colors like sand, turquoise, peach are more suitable with the surroundings.


High walls are perfect to display art, if we are talking about a big piece. But art also comes in small sizes and so a special corner in the living room also serves its purpose.

Whichever your art taste goes for, remember that above all, it tells the story of who you are.

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