Routine On How To Improve Your Health

Routine On How To Improve Your Health

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  • 01/29/21

We all know confinement is the word of the day, yet it is so hard to stay confined longer than we already have. So why not consider, moving to a place where organic food is the norm, where confinement can be spent outdoors, and safe distance can be lived and not endured?

Back in March when basically the whole city had to shut down in quarantine, and traveling came to a halt, entrepreneurs in the area had to miss the best tourist season of the year: Holy Week. Tourist towns live thanks to well, tourists, and if there is none, there is no income. So once the ports, airports and roads were opened, we were determined to make things right  so we wouldn’t have to close down again.

We practice safe distancing, we use and offer hand sanitizing in every business in town, we all use our masks at all times in public, and tables are set apart in every bar and restaurant. We are opened for business and hosting has gone to the next level; caring not only for your patronage but for your well being.

In the process of staying well, food plays a most important roll, now more than ever, strengthening our defenses have become a priority. A matter of life and death.

Food can heal you and eating the right kind of food, sometimes depends upon your budget, and finding the right ingredients can also be a challenge depending on where you live.

So before you take a note on what to change in your daily diet, consider asking yourself, where do I want to spend the rest of the pandemic?

How many of us follow the food pyramid guidelines? How many citrus fruits do you eat a day? Is ginger, garlic and spinach in your diet? Here’s a list of ingredients that will boost your immune system:

Citrus fruits

Red Bell Peppers







Sunflower seeds


Green Tea





And here’s a list of the ten foods that work against inflammation:





Coconut Oil


Turmeric Ginger



How many of these can you find in your town? Keep in mind that if it is not Organic, it defeats the purpose of wellness, non organic carry pesticides in their midst, and that has highly cancerigen agents. Zihuatanejo offers all these organic foods for peanuts.

So think about where do you want to spend the rest of your confinement?

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