Pets: the other half of our lives

Pets: the other half of our lives

  • Live Real Estate
  • 06/14/21

There are many reasons why we love pets: they make us happy, they keep us active, they bring a smile to our face when they act goofy and they certainly bring out all the tenderness in our heart when they look at us like we are the only person in the world for them. We could list all the motives behind our love for them, but the one attribute that makes them absolutely special, is the lack of judgement in their eyes. If unconditional love would have a face it would be that of a furry friend.



We can be late, tired, in a bad mood, in a hurry, and our pets will still look at us as we are their favorite treat. Some are good guardians, not only safeguarding your home but also, letting you know when your sugar levels are low. Dogs trained for special needs pacients are the most commited caregivers you could find, and what a furry friend can do to keep your sadness away is out of this world.


Truth to be told, furry friends make our lives fuller and much more fun than without them, so if you don’t have a furry friend yet, by all means look into adopting one from a shelter or from the street, these are the most loyal beings and will do anything and everything for you.

If you have one already you know what we are talking about.

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