Pacific vs caribbean

Pacific vs caribbean

  • Live Real Estate
  • 03/30/21

Baron Rothschild is credited to have said; “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” Certainly back in the 18th century he made a fortune buying during the panic that followed the Battle of Waterloo. Certainly there is no blood in the streets now, but there sure is a pandemic and land is being sold north and south, east and west. And the prices have not been so low in years! The time to buy is now. And there’s land for sale in Tulum, Oaxaca, Cancun, Merida, Playa Blanca, Holbox, Troncones, Zihuatanejo, Puerto Vallarta. So many choices.. It all comes down to; what do you fancy? People, flamboyancy? then by all means the Caribbean is your place to be. If you are in that point of your life where what you really want is to live in an island just with your kind of people around, then your spot is the Pacific. Take Troncones in Guerrero, north of Ixtapa. It is a gorgeous penynsula, with beautiful residences filled with buganvilleas, coconut palms, breathtaking views, papaya trees, and excellent people eager to give you the best attention, endless mouthwatering meals, and a camaradery I have yet to see in any other neighborhood. Playa Blanca and Barra de Potosi, south of Zihuatanejo where the beaches are surreal, like you’ve stepped into a movie set a century ago. Almost virgin, lucious vegetation and white sand. Zihuatanejo, with its flats on the cliffs make for a productive investment and an amazing retirement spot Mexico is like that. Welcoming and delightful. However, the weather sometimes can be ruthless. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the Caribbean gets around 8 hurricanes a year. While the Pacific gets half of that and most of the time they just pass along the coast.

How about the cost of living. That is something else to take into consideration. According to NUMBEO, (the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide) the cost of living in the Caribbean: Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, etc. for a family of four without rent is 36,267 MXN monthly. In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, the price to live in luxury is half of thatand plenty of food is locally grown here in Zihuatanejo and surrounding areas. Overall you get more, way more for your money in a community in the Pacific than you get in the Caribbean. If you are into wellness, peaceful sunsets and time for yourself, the choice is easy. The best investment in the long term is Zihuatanejo. And Troncones is playing viking and starting a whole new civilization from scratch.

You have to live it to believe it.

Come book a weekend with us, hear what people are saying…once you get here, you will never want to leave.

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