Now is the New Later

Now is the New Later

  • Live Real Estate
  • 03/3/22

Change is unceasing and ruthless, and at Livebyzar, we understand that in the present, making long term plans does not depend on us. We understand that now is the new later, and travelling is a question of improvisation rather than planning. “En caliente” like we Mexicans say, translates to "Live in the Moment."

 During unpredictable times like these, we ought to apply the glass-half-full philosophy. It’s because we understand that there is no need to run. What in the beginning represented an acute challenge for many families; having the kids attend school online from home, and trying to understand and learn all the new platforms, and new skills. Today we see it as a basic necessity that parents and schools were required to work together to support our children’s education. Change was a must.

As of now, school will be different, and this new reality starts with us, and yours truly. And this opens doors, that up 'til now, were closed. We can give our children real options to explore the planet. How about a trip to the archaeological area in Petatlan, Guerrero? Or how about staying at Playa Blanca with a visit to the turtle shelter? The possibilities are endless, and don't require you to do anything particularly extraordinary.

 Why not exchange the city food for local coastal freshness?

 Now is the ideal moment to transform what you view as an obstacle in the road, into a positive force. Take a step “en caliente” or "in the moment" and "in the right direction" towards a short-term goal, and move down to the coast for the duration of the pandemic?

Take the reins of your life and choose to live in beauty. Choose the tranquility of Mexico, paired with excellent cuisine, artisanal markets, breathtaking sunsets, and some of the world's best fishing.

Choose to Live in the Sun.

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