Lifeguards in Zihuatanejo

Lifeguards in Zihuatanejo

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  • 01/24/21

Eugenio Catalan Echeverria, Director of Civil Protection and Firemen in Petatlan, Guerrero, Mexico is deeply involved in keeping the visiting tourists safe at all costs.

Last Saturday, some tourists: a family of four were spotted being dragged by the current and having trouble coming back, and one of the newest Life Guards; Baldemar Amaro Rodriguez was quickly able to rescue them from the strong waters, and apply his training to bring them back to safety. “Last November we underwent a rigorous training course, and became certified in the state of Michoacan. Next month we will be taking another class in Vital Basic Life Support Skills, and we will also travel to the city of Chilpancingo to take a course of vehicular extraction”. He said this to us as he kept a constant, close and careful watch on the people enjoying the sands of Playa Blanca.

He told us that maintaining an excellent physical condition is an absolute must, since a tremendous amount of effort is required for such strenuous activities. The director encourages all of the Life Guards to be disciplined, corageous and focused. Director Catalan Echeverria was sworn in last November during 2021, and swore to work in a coordinated effort with the other directors, so the municiplaity keeps growing and can offer better and safer services to tourists.

At the same time, the Union of Isidro Montes de Oca, a municipality north of Ixtapa has also displayed the Lifeguard operative in the main beaches of the area, where thousands of tourists have arrived since the closing of last year. A total of 22 lifeguards have been trained and are on duty still because of the high affluence of tourists. 

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