La Ola In Saladita Beach

La Ola In Saladita Beach

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  • 03/17/19

Originally it was given that name because the wave is as great as malibu, but instead of being a right point break, it’s a left. But having lived in both southern California and the costa grande of Guerrero, I know that its not only the surf break that is 180° different and what draws a lot of people to want to live here. Year-round warm water, very consistent surf and a culture and communities that revolve around being together today, also make this area so 180° different from the “knowns” surf communities. Most of Guerrero is still untamed and a reason most of us live here or continue to visit year after year. There is still room to explore in and out of the water, and really find unique places and surf spots with no one else around.

Does saladita get crowded?

It does, but my during my last session there were 35 people out at 9 am, and then at 11 am it was flat glass and there were 8 people out with most of the sets going un ridden. That same day before getting to saladitas i went by another break and there was “0” people in the water and great waves, but i chose to surf saladitas because i had some friends surfing there.

There are still a lot of other breaks near us that make finding uncrowded great surf very easy to do. Some of these include the point at manzanillo, tombstones, the point or beach break at majahua, boca lagunillas (with several peaks), and then a few other jems north of saladitas and within biking distance.

Back in the day all the surf breaks were out in the farm land, away from the cities. If you want to be able to step back into a surf community that is still mostly farm land, saladita is a great place for that.

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