Are vacation homes a good investment?

Are vacation homes a good investment?

  • Live Real Estate
  • 01/16/21

In her book “Welcome to the World of Vacation Properties; how your property can work for you” Brenda Lachman writes a user friendly guide on how to manage vacation properties, and where to look for the best location to do, so go ahead. Purchase your dream home on the beach. Prepare it for renters and either rent it yourself. Then lay back, relax knowing your property is generating sufficient income to pay its mortgage, its maintenance, its taxes and still you get some money back.


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If your property is in a great spot, then your property can work for you. Owning a vacation home and setting it for business are two different things. Everything you buy for your business can be deducted in a percentage, every trip you make to fix something you can deduct the miles you travel and the stuff you bought for repair, and in the process you get to enjoy your beautiful home.

It was never this easy to buy the home of your dreams and enjoy it while it pays for itself. If you dream on retiring in a paradisiac beach such as the ones we have in Zihuatanejo and surrounding areas, then this is the moment to invest, and it is also a great way of getting a much better visa as an investor than as a tourist.

By the time you retire your home could be fully paid for and you can enjoy the benefits of it while you pay for it and when you finally get to retire and live the laid -back -wellness life you worked so hard to achieve.

Start today, call us or log into our website we will guide you step by step on how to start your vacation rental business property.

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